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Raphael Berube

My webcam was way too high sitting at the top of my screen

3d printing, Fusion 3601 min read

With my current desk setup, I had my webcam installed at the top of my screen. That was way too high. I was almost able to see the top of my head. Using it every day, I decided to get this better arranged by designing at 3d printing a customer webcam holder.

I have designed this webcam holder that can be wall-mounted on the wall behind my screen. I wanted to have my webcam placed on the side of my screen and at around 2/3 of its height.

The webcam holder itself fits a Logitech C525. It might fit other models, but I haven't tested.

Design rendering

I have shared my design on Thingiverse. If you want to adapt it to your setup, I have also included my Step file. I have made the original design using Fusion 360.

Photo by Bernard Hermant on Unsplash